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I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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12 Tips From My First Backpacking Adventure

I had about as much fun preparing for my first backpacking adventure as I did actually going on the trip! There was a lot of research, packing, and planning that had to happen before I actually set out, though. Learn from my trials and tribulations by reading up on the tips below so that YOUR first backpacking adventure is smooth and full of fun. Have other tips to share? Leave me a comment at the end of the post! I'd love to hear how your adventure turned out.

Note: This article may contain affiliate links. All opinions are mine. That just means that I've shared links to some sweet gear that I personally recommend. Clicking the link to check it out or buy it sends me an itty bitty commission. Adventures need to be funded somehow! And I only recommend products I truly LOVE. Any questions, let me know!

1. Get Fitted

backpack for backpacking

Go to an actual outdoor gear store, spend an hour, and get a proper fitting for a backpack. Make sure whoever is helping you is actually an expert. Try on as many different brands as you need to find the perfect fit; it’s important! Learn from the expert on different sizes, brands, and styles and pick what’s right for you. Try backpacks on with weight inside of them; it is critical that you simulate an actual loaded pack when attempting to find proper fit. Walk around, adjust them fully (yes, all the straps) as if you were going to hit the trail right then and there. Make sure it feels comfortable; you’ll know it when you’ve found the right one. If you are not sure, come back another day and try on your top 3 again. Wear clothes you plan on hiking in when going to try on packs. It makes all the difference! Here's the awesome backpack that I chose in the oh so stylish colors of Arctic & Denim, shown in the picture.