Hi! I'm Danielle!


Hello adventurers!

I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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Why You Should Visit, I Mean Move To, I Mean Live in Vermont

Vermont is where my heart lies. It is a unique place of culture and wonders, values and creativity, honesty and trust. The great outdoors are just that – great – and the people are amazing. No matter what time of year you arrive, you will not regret it. This should be on your bucket list!

I happened upon Vermont purely by chance. The Leadership Development Program I was in rotated its participants through several different job roles in different parts of the country. I had moved from my home state of Minnesota down to the deep south in Tennessee, and now they were sending me to a TINY town (800 people) in Vermont. I couldn’t imagine that there would be anything to do or any people to meet in what seemed to me to be the middle of nowhere. Little did I know how much this state would shape my life!

My first adventure into Vermont was driving over the Adirondack mountains of New York in the middle of the night with no GPS. Of course, it was also raining. Despite the adversity, I did manage to reach my destination: Vergennes, Vermont. I spent 8 months living in the ground floor of an old house-turned-duplex with beautiful wood floors and ridiculously expensive heating costs. It was heaven.


The people I met were so open, welcoming, unbiased, and truly happy. It was an incredible atmosphere to be in. What captured my heart, though, were the truly embedded roots of craftsmanship in the culture. Everywhere you turned, there were restaurants where chefs created new menus weekly, farmers markets galore, unique art and handmade goods, and a feeling of creativity and a desire to make something new and wondrous for the world to enjoy.