Hi! I'm Danielle!


Hello adventurers!

I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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Two Months of Blogging:  Reflections

River and her snoot say hello.

Yee Haw! Two months, and I’m still going as strong as Day 1! This has been so much fun, and it’s incredible how many people I’ve met through writing. Learning more about myself has been one of my biggest takeaways, though. What I like, what I don’t like, and what I want to do going forward. Here's the low down.


  • Leading Guided Hikes! Even though I’ve only had two people on each hike, I have loved getting to know other adventure dog owners, and I know we'll gather more people as we go. We have a lot of fun getting outside with our dogs and sharing stories. Great hikes!

  • Writing different types of stuff. Since this blog can be whatever I make of it, I’ve been able to write technical articles like the trail guides, travel and dog training tips, and also share personal stories like my Roadtrip to Montana. It keeps it fun and interesting for me to write different kinds of blog posts, and I think it keeps it fun and interesting for readers, too. Variety is the spice of life!

  • Instagram! Oh my gosh, I love Instagram. I really didn’t use it much before I started The Adventure Dog Blog, but now it’s my daily go to for inspiration, stress relief, and scrolling through gorgeous, stunning outdoor photos from other adventurers. Love! Here's