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I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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Tiny House Adventure Part 2: River Says

Hi. hi. hi? hi hi hi hi! Sorry, you made eye contact and I got excited. Do you want kisses? Oops, mom says I need to focus. I can do that. Border Collie. Focus. Like a laser...

The trip! The trip is good. The drive was boring, so I napped. Chewed on my antler, looked out the window, then napped again. But then we got to the tiny house, and the fun started! It was dark when we got here, but mom grabbed the flashlight and found the key. Meanwhile, I scouted the perimeter looking for gremlins and boogies. It's important to make sure that it's safe...didn't find any but you never know.

I zoomed around and investigated while mom unpacked the car. The fire ring was SUPER interesting; you should check it out. Lots of smells. I even pulled out a stick and ran around with it. PRIZE! oops, getting distracted again. Mom says you guys want to know about the experience. Ok, here goes.

My first night wasn't great, I'll admit. I spent most of Friday in the crate while mom was at work. I got to run around before we hit the road, but we had a 3.5 hour drive into Wisconsin to get here. I'm super good in the car, just chill, but still I had a bunch of puppy energy left by the time we go to the tiny house. Mom thinks that's why I had such a hard time settling down. I also couldn't figure out why my brother Mica wasn't with us. He's kinda my security blanket. I missed him. It was weird being in a new place with all that energy and then mom was like "let's go to bed." Crazy!

There were no stairs to the loft, just a ladder, so mom had to haul me up in her arms. That was fun...not. I'm normally pretty chill, and I trust her, but I was glad when I got to the top and could climb into the loft. Going down was a HORRIBLE experience the next morning. I thought I might DIE. I clung with all my fingers, toes, and claws to mom as she carried me down. I shiver just thinking about it...thankfully we didn't have to do that very many times. She tried to make it a good experience by giving me cookies and going gradually, but I was onto her and had made up my mind that this SUCKED.

Other than the whole up and down thing, the loft was sweet. So many cozy nooks and crannies for me to burrow into. We brought a comforter and a sleeping bag, and the loft was nice and toasty at night since heat rises. Sometimes I slept curled in a ball and sometimes I sprawled out. But the best part were all the WINDOWS! Giant skylight plus three more windows. I loved looking out all the windows, even though I couldn't see anything really, but mom kept saying I needed to go to sleep.

Sometimes I thought I heard boogies outside and sounded the alarm. Mom would sigh and tell me it's nothing and to go to sleep. I halfways listened. Someone had to stand guard! Eventually I slept, and it was good. Check out this light!!

Sorry, distracted again. Mom calls it my "squirrel!!" syndrome. Something about being an eight-month-old puppy. We went hiking like three times on Saturday!! It was the best. There were two different trails plus other fields and I ran and I sniffed and I rolled in the snow and ran some more and hiked and trekked and ran and had fun. I found a stick and a really special pinecone and ran around with them cuz they're really cool and I found them and they were mine.

It was cold, but I really didn't notice. Plus, I got to lay on my sleeping bag when we got back and chew on a bully stick. My favorite. We would hike, then mom would read a book and I'd chew on my bully stick, and then we'd do that all over again. Saturday night we watched a movie. Mom said I did much better at settling on Saturday. Apparently I needed a solo trip without my brother Mica because I needed to build my "self-confidence." Whatever that is.

All in all, it was a pretty great trip. I got lots of snuggles and ran around and ate snow. So much snow. It was everywhere. You should go. The trails were great, and I didn't have to be on a leash. I like being free like a wild beast, running and jumping and flailing at will. Got any doggie questions? I can answer 'em!

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