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I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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The Word Is "Inspiration"

This post is going to be unique and different from all others on my website thus far. You see, I just facilitated the creation of a small, intimate group of fellow bloggers who are near and dear to me. Close friends who care about their passions as much as I do. We’ve created a “circle” to bring you, my dear readers, a broader sampling of brilliant writing that comes from a place of heart. I’m not sure how frequently we’ll share posts like this one, but I can guarantee that when we do, it will be special!

I prompted this month’s topic, “Inspiration.” There is so much passion, excitement, and hope building inside of me. I had to write about the inspiration of 2016, the inspiration for 2017, and how my life is currently overflowing with inspiration. Don’t worry, though. This will not be all about me and my blatherings. I’ll be sharing inspiration for YOU. Because, more than anything, I want to INSPIRE you to achieve your dreams, to travel, to explore the great outdoors, to connect with your dog, and to go after what makes your heart sing.

Ok, if I haven’t scared you away with my flowery language, I’d like to share with you what inspired me in 2016.

Moments of Inspiration 2016


Meeting River puppy for the first time and holding her in my arms. My heart overflowed watching her sleep on my lap. After so much anticipation, to finally meet her sparked all of my dreams for our future together. She’s got a bright path ahead, and I’m absolutely inspired to work with her and build our partnership!

North Shore

Sitting at the mouth of the Temperance River where it flows into Lake Superior on the North Shore of Minnesota. I felt such profound peace and calm; I must have sat there for almost an hour. We were on a road trip up the North Shore to Grand Marais, and nearly every stop included a stunning, inspiring view. After soaking up all of the enchantment of that spot, I rose feeling so inspired. I knew I needed to continue seeking magical places like this and filling my soul with wonder.


Packing my brand new 70L backpack for my very first backpacking adventure. Oh man, I was so excited to just jump into the experience. I must have packed, unpacked, and repacked that thing half a dozen times. The feeling as I donned my pack and hiked out of the parking lot at Afton State Park on that first expedition was incredible, empowering. If I could do this, I knew it would open up a huge world of possibilities to really dive into the great outdoors and have more engaging experiences than I’d ever had before. Bring it on!


Laying in my tent, in the dark, and seeing the stars overhead. Listening to the Snake River rushing softly by in the night. This happened during River’s first camping experience. We stayed in a state forest, and there were only a few other campers there. Primitive campground. A perfect way to get away from it all. This was the best night of sleep I had all year. I had both my dogs curled up on me, the stars overhead, and the expanse of nature surrounding me. Talk about rejuvenating! I just took a deep breath thinking about it. I was inspired to camp more this year through that experience.


Being out in the middle of a tiny, empty Minnesota lake with my good friend and my two dogs in a canoe. We watched an osprey dive into the water just a few yards away. Having the whole lake to ourselves without a soul in sight was wonderful. It inspired me to find more moments of stillness in my life. Sometimes, just drifting is perfectly fine and exactly what you need.


The big one!! Stopping for a whole hour at a pullout on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, just to soak up the experience. I’d decided to spontaneously plan this trip in September to cross something significant off of my bucket list. Within two weeks, I threw the dogs in the car, and we just went. It was incredible, and I cannot even describe how inspiring the mountains of Glacier National Park were. I was filled with such energy (or maybe that was the near-panic trying to not think about the drop off at the edge of the road!) and excitement; it felt like anything was possible! Once I got home from that trip, The Adventure Dog Blog was born shortly thereafter.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I hope that this entire website brings you inspiration and encourages you to do something adventurous.

All my best,


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