Hi! I'm Danielle!


Hello adventurers!

I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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Just Do You

Should. Should. Should. Should.

I have way more free time now than I used to. More than is healthy, I think. More than I know what to do with, certainly. I seem to be filling that free time with a lot of "should's" though.

My therapist (and Brene Brown) says that "should is shame." That saying I should be doing this or should be doing that is shaming myself for not meeting my own expectations. Also, that is is bad.

Doesn't make it any harder not to do.

Especially when I'm going stir crazy and becoming bored. I worked a 40 - 50 hour workweek as a Lean Manufacturing Specialist. I went to work in the morning, came home in the early evening. Then made dinner, exercised my dogs, and grabbed an hour or two of wind down. Weekends were easier to utilize because I felt the free time keenly, and it was a good thing.

Now, and I won't lie to you, I'm working much less. I'm doing 40 - 50 hours PER MONTH of directly working with clients. I wanted freedom, but be careful what you wish for!

Naturally, I'm making quite a bit less money than I was in my corporate salaried job. And let's be real, I'm "working" a lot more than 50 hours per month. Those are just client hours. All the behind the scenes emails, social media, website, planning, phone calls, and bookkeeping occupy a not insignificant amount of my time. And since I love to be busy, I tend to find a lot of busy work for