Hi! I'm Danielle!


Hello adventurers!

I'm Danielle Lindblom, an adventure-seeking dog loving Minnesotan who discovered a deep love of the outdoors. I travel all over with my two Border Collies in my pursuit of freedom and purpose, and I can't wait to share these adventures with you!

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I Almost Shut Down the Blog

I was so close. Really. I cancelled my website hosting subscription. It would have dropped the domain name (theadventuredogblog.com) and put it on a free wix generic domain. I wanted to keep the content available for people to use. The trail guides, the campsite guides. I think those are useful to fellow adventurers.

But the pressure was just really getting to me. I needed a break, and to give myself permission to actually step away. To cut ties.

I've since renewed my subscription, and this website will not change! :)

But let me tell you about what goes on behind the scenes.

As you know, and I hope appreciate, this website functions WITHOUT any ads, affiliate marketing, propaganda, or other BS that most other blogs in this world contain. That is just not me.

I pay my own money, out of my own pocket, to run and operate this blog. It's not free. I have to pay to own the domain name (theadventuredogblog.com) and I have to pay for the website to exist. Just that is about $200 per year. Just for fun. Just so this can exist.

And I am happy to do so! I have done so for almost two full years now. I think passion projects should continue no matter what.

But it is definitely not jus