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Sage Creek Campground in Badlands National Park South Dakota

That there's a buffalo in the background. In case you missed it.

This is hands down one of my favorite campgrounds, and an experience not to be missed. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, this is absolutely the place for you. We had a less-than-idyllic weather day and other circumstances surrounding our arrival, but this was still very memorable and I definitely want to go back.

First of all, this campground is free. Which is pretty great. If you're into fancy amenities and pristine RV pullouts, though, you'll be sorely disappointed. That's not for us anyway - we like to rough it. The campground consists of a large loop with open parking. Most people pitch a tent on the grass inside the loop, but latecomers have to make due in the overflow area. It was raining when we arrived, so I put the backseat down and we slept in the hatchback. If you're car camping (ie sleeping in your pickup/SUV) then this is perfect. You can park the back end of your vehicle right against the wilderness and enjoy sunset views from your hatch.

Our difficulties were as follows: I did horrible time calculations and ended up arriving right at the edge of darkness rather than with plenty of daylight to spare, it was raining and everything was wet, the rain made mud which stuck to my flipflops like nothing I've ever experienced, there was no easy way for me to cook dinner due to all the aforementioned circumstances, and I also had to get my bed set up in the hatchback and somehow try to keep things dry. I have to say, though, that despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, it was a damn magical night. I was laughing as I skipped around the car trying to feed the dogs and get the air mattress set up. And once we were all semi-cozy, listening the thunder rumbling in the distant plains was beautiful.

The campground was reverent and quiet in the morning. With so many people in one place, I fully expected the typical noise and rowdiness of an awakening campground. But as we took a walk around, enjoying the post-storm hush, it was peaceful. There were buffalo IN CAMP when we awoke. It's not as scary as it sounds. They were around the edges of the campground, munching their breakfast without a care in the world. Truly, they couldn't care less that we were there. My dogs had some care, though, lol. A few well-timed treats and a redirection of their focus fixed that problem in no time.

We didn't stay long, and hit the road again as the sun was on its way up. But I very much want to go back. Did I mention this campground is free? Heavenly. And an experience I'll never forget.

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